Interactions with the natives of the Nentir Vale

Session X: Sleepy sleepy ogre
Also some kill stealing

Briefly talked about what path to take, Zorjub scouted around and reported what he saw.
Group decided to go into Left as it was a known danger, rather than Right which was unknown even though it could have been safe.

Left side had 3 Arbelists guarding the bridge. Adal and Kraden held a door up to block the crossbow bolts they fired so the group got across safely. Adal and Kraden then hammered the door down, and we went in and…


Wizard guy and some others and arbelists
We focused the wizard guy down pretty quick, the arbelists were much less deadly once some people were in melee range of them.


125 gold 312 silver

Some mundane things like cards and such

Beer dwarf rations mundane weapons

60g worth of residuum in a leather bag with stars on it

Found a bedroom/office belonged to wizrar

+5 platinum pieces 20 gold 60 silver

book written in some language

40g worth of residuum

Robes shoes

Find a fist sized crystal ball (eventually) 1 way crystal ball used for communicating with 1 specific other crystal ball.

Weapon oil

OBJECT READING RITUAL -25g worth of components!
See The Captain/whatever giant duergar using the crystal orb, he says Gendar and then talking to someone on the crystal ball about things. Gendar then talks back.Both in Duergar, they are talking about murklmar? The leader of the Horned Hall. Gendar sighs and ‘whatd he do now’

Thaele says, “The command word is the name of the guy who sent us after the skull thing”

Kraden (after failing an int save) goes, “who, Gendar?” and the orb lights up and with a picture of Gendar in it.
He looks exasperated. He says something like “what now Rundar? What is Murklemor doing to you now.” Then stops and says in common, “Ohh I dont think things are going good for him right now. I guess you guys are doing WELL there are you? I guess I’ll have to get a new spy. I take it you’re doing welll at the Horned Hold?” Beril says something about the arbalests, “I got some good money for those”

“I bribed someone to give me occasional inside information, but mostly got information about Murklemor. I’m pretty sure you’d know if you ran into him. He doesnt usually leave. Hes the big guy in charge. Not aware of any slaves they got recently. Not concerned about slaves they get unless I am interested in one. "

We end the conversation and continue on.

Beril listens at a door, heres gutteral language (giant?) and one is very loud and very deep. Laughing every so often

GO IN SURPRISE ROUND PEWPEW One orc dies, 3 left.

Thaele cast SLEEP on the ogre!

Beril walked up to the ogre to attack it _

Ogres name is Gorgo?

Ogre fell asleep! Beril did like 65 damage total to the ogre! It died pretty easily after that.


Lots of beer!
Open can of ham (gross)

50g gem X 4
Big stone cup
Trunks and boots and the like.
60g pieces 70 silver pieces

Ogre tooth!

Heard through a door “Look durkle, it doesnt like me!”
something about it needs to learn respect. Possibly torture going on D:

Burst into another room!
Murklurmor! and his guards! At least one is a lady mage

Duergar dressed in chainmail. Murkle has a massive hammer!

Killed the mage after she only got 1 attack off

KILLED HIM DEAD with magic missile


Magic Maul 2h +2 flaming maul →Adal

Wizard had nooothiiiing.

Total of 43 gold 42 silver

Beril came back from AFK just in tim eot loot and open a lockbox and FAILS even with a roll of (total) 20

Thaele thinks to look for a key. Finds one, it opens the box easily.


261 gold pieces
Onyx demon idol with ruby eyes 250gp
+2 amulet of elegy to thaele :D

Murkles Tooth!

Next room.

Spine Devils! Resist 20 to fire D=
They are known to fire spines which are apparently poisonous they cause fire damage as well

Charge in.

Beril drank 2 potions during the fight.

RIDICULOUS MAGE that has all kinds of health and ac! Finally died.

Thaele got a couple kills in with magic missile, pewpewpew.

Adal keeps getting debuffs, poison and such

Devils/demons/whatever are gonna fly off once they are bloodied D:

Fight still going on as we come to…


Session IX?: Into the Horned Hold
Orcs are very suspicious of wandering merchants

Unrelated note: Red Eye Gang is a group of Bugbears

Travel through a path, then we see a chasm, with bridges across it leading to a Fortress!

Looks like Orcs are guarding a portcullis that is blocking our way.

Cant even see the bottom of the chasm.

Zorjub invis scouts ahead. Several Orcs in the room, some sitting at a table

Beril got a nat 20 bluff but the orcs didnt care because of his particular lies, something about being a Merchant with no guards who had a cart full of meat and wine. No pillaging! Very disciplined or very lazy. They saw Adal as he walked up insulting them and opened the gate!


Beril wants a magic tomato that he could throw at things.

Orcs DIE Thaele was virtually useless.

Loot the orcs: Altogether 53 gold 63 silver on them. Good dwarven beer kegs!

Armory! 3 suits of scale, 3 suits of chain mail, some weapon racks

5 crossbows 10 spears 10 battleaxes 5 shortswords a large barrel filled with crossbow bolts

hear hammering from another door as though it were a smith

Room to the south is a barracks, more mundane stuff, armor polish and the like.

43gold 1 platinum in south room

Pool of nice clean water to the north.

Went west, found the smithy.


Many orcs and duergar.

MANY THINGS came out. RETREAT slightly into a better position.
Orcs and Duergar dwarves. One is a wizard! And a bastard wizard at that. He cast a zone spell and moved it around and it sucked.

Very nearly died! SO MANY THINGS tough fight

Dungeoneering: Duergar scouts. They turn invisible!


Hanging on the wall over the bed is the SKULL SCEPTER for GENDAR

+206 silver 196 gold Weapons wracks: 10 warhammers 10 halberds

+75g worth of residuum

78 gold from orcsies 2 platinum from wizard 83 silver

Found under a fireplace, loose stone! Adal found it.

Small bag that has 93 silver 13 gold pieces and 4 small emeralds worth 10gp each

More Ale, several barrels worth

Plain iron rods? 4 feet across 2 inches thick, in one barrel.

Adal notices that it looks like a storage room doesnt look like people go in it very often. The door pushed open thick dust on the floor. In the room was canned goods, wheels of cheese, more ale, barrel of salt. MANY canned goods of various shapes and sizes, marked in Durogar

Adal found 56 gold in another room and 20 silver

Beril inspected rooms found one that seemed like we should go through, gonna try to clear things out.


Caldur and Besser, some others somewhere

-1 spike, hammered door shut


There were quite a few Duergar, the fight went on for quite a while, and the leader of them became giant once he became bloodied.


Tooth from dwarf leader, tooth from wizard dwarf man

lvl 3 magic Hammer from big guy worth 680

Altogether with all Duerogar, 68 gold 83 silver

After the fight we spent time arguing about what to do next, whether to sleep here or leave, what to do with the slaves, etc. Several people wanted to KILL THEM but Thaele refused to allow it, so they stayed locked in the room. Also the VOICE OF GOD said that if they killed the slaves, they would drop dead. So there is that.

In the end they decided to barricade the doors. They heavily barricaded the right one, and Thaele cast a magic circle on the left one which would stop all natural creatures from entering.

And so they all went to sleep for the night, with Thaele trancing out in front of the door to the room the slaves were kept in.

Session VIII: Midfight start, Slaver Chieftan!
Also Beril is a dick

Session started midfight! MANY THINGS coming from 3 different directions!

Thaele remembered he had iron spikes and wedged two doors shut to slow the waves of enemies, and the group moved their way into a room to try and take on the slavers one at a time.

Instead, the slavers locked them in.

Thaele pulled out a crowbar and Adal used it to break the door open. Left and went to the East, into a room that seemed to be more defensible.

When he got to the room, Thaele recognized the designs around him and realized that it used to be a temple devoted to Togor, the god of torture and pain. A god who also happened to be on the mortal plane, in the Underdark.

This knowledge caused Thaele to panic, and shout to his companions that he very much wanted to leave. They tried to get a solid reason why out of him,but he just stammered something about torture and pain. The less informed and more level headed members of the company mostly ignored him, but did go ahead and decide they would push in the other direction.

At this point, Beril ran off on his own, planning to escape and leave the rest of the group to die. He happened to attract several of the enemy, however, who gave chase. He managed to stay ahead of them though. He eventually got back down the balcony, drank a potion, and ran to the front door. He picked the lock and went back inside, but instead of going back to his team, he went south, into a room with a strange fountain.

While this was going on the others were pushing their way back into the room they started in. Thaele used his Bag of Ghosts very effectively, pushing one enemy down the stairs and knocking another prone in front of the fireplace. The others did fantastically against the enemies as well. Beril was the only one in any real danger once they got a foothold, since he ran off on his own.

Eventually they cleared out the rest, though one or two ran off and escaped, and they searched the building, found a fair bit of gold and treasure, including some magic shoes of water walking that went to Thaele, and a magic Hammer that went to Adal, several potions, some gems.

Everyone else decided to not give Beril a cut of the loot they got, since he abandoned them.

Beril ended up finding a stash of gold anyway,so he got some profit at least.

After clearing the place out and resting overnight, the company headed back to town.
On the way, they were attacked by hyenas! They very nearly took Adal down. Beril was surprisingly heroic during this encounter.
They eventually overcame the Hyenas and continued on to the Seven Pillared Hall.

Thaele had carted a bunch of mundane gear and some food and ale and the like from the kitchen of the keep, and spent a decent portion of the day bartering with people, and earned a decent bit of gold.

Beril spent the entire day going from store to store buying up any health potions he could, and ended up with 10 new ones along with a vial bandolier.

The others waited on Thaele to go talk to Orontar about what had happened so far. He wasnt too concerned with the slavers, but did reward the company with 200 gold. He asked again about finding the missing mage, declined an offer to buy the slavers base, and pointed them towards Gendar.

Thaele traded a gem for 150g worth of residuum, and said that he could buy the base from them,but that it would have to be at a wholesale price and would be even less since it would need to be repaired and cleaned before he could sell it. The party decided to hold off for a while and think about it.

Along with the treasure, the company found a scroll tube that had a note in it, from the people that bought the slaves from the Bloodreavers.
Contract for purchasing slaves from riverdown? Signed by Murclmor Gjimmer Durogar? Map to Horned Hold. Asks to bring the slaves there. They will bring rest of payment [note: check with DM for accuracy]

SO the company, after a day of shopping and a night of rest in the town, headed down the Shadow road towards Horned Hold.
On the way, in a tunnel, they find undead!
Fight ensues. Thaele fails to remember much about them, though he did immediately identify them as Dread Zombies. A Wight showed up.
Wight was taken out almost immediately, but the zombies still came back to unlife after being slain.

Thaele eventually remembered that Dread Zombies only stay dead if you kill them with fire or radiant damage. Thaele then remembered his Hot Poker, and took one out that was downed next to him. Kraden got the others.

The Wight had a platinum and a bit of gold on him, but no other loot or secrets to be found in this area.


Session VI. Falcrest and Thunderspire
We're off to kill some slavers! Also a mage?

In the morning, Thaele went to see Thair to unload a bunch of scrap,and got a decent price for it.

Lord Padraig of Winterhaven said if we take care of the Slavers, 1k g reward! But we have to bring proof that they are dead.

“Seek out the Dorugar in Thunderspire, they should have info on the Bloodreavers(slavers)”

He also reluctantly agreed to gift us with a wagon and two horses to pull it. Big enough to carry us all fairly easily,but nothing fancy, not even a tarp over it.

Bairwin the Shopkeeper stopped us on our way out, he wants us to visit the 7 pillared hall under Thunderspire. Trade center between the underdark and the overworld. Contact named “Gendar” the Drow , give them a parcel. A small cask the size of a long dagger. Give him the parcel and he will give us a parcel, and bring that back to shopkeep. For 420 gold pieces when we return. Adal and Kraden didnt trust him completely,but still felt like itd be some easy money so we agreed.

On the way to Falcrest,along the road we met Ciaran being hunted by a land shark from the elemental chaos! It had him trapped on top of a rock. Adal tried to figure out what the creature was,but could only tell that it was unnatural. We took up positions to protect the horses, Adal stamped and shouted to get the land sharks attention. We fought,but once it was wounded it swam away.

Took about 3 days to arrive in Falcrest, we got there near evening.

First we went to Temple of Pelor to speak to Sister Marla. The temple was quiet, so Adal shouted over and over until someone finally answered. She brought us to her office, and said she may have another job for us!
She unlocks a small chest and starts counting money, weighing bags and the like.

250 gold given to Adal and Kraden.

“Since you’ve proven yourselves rather capable, there is another problem”
From the Baron of Harkenwould. Attacked by a group of slavers called the Blood Reavers, they took 12 people from a settlement. Sent word to Winterhaven but no word back. Wants us to look into rescuing them. They had a scout follow them, after the people were taken. Followed them to…
Thunderspire Peak! (surprise surprise) You can see it from Falcrest. Mountain in the middle of no where.

Blood Reavers are mostly Hobgoblins but some Humans. Baron is offering 1kgold for peoples return. There are 12 people at least that we need to rescue.

Scout reported more than a dozen slavers, at minimum, maybe around 20.

Capital is in Harkenwould where we get our reward.

Went to Silver Dragon Inn. 2gold a night but includes dinner and breakfast. Good quality food and wine.
Takes about 30 minutes to warm up the food.

Some candles and a candelabra but pretty dim, not many people there.

Talked about name and becoming official company, divvied up remaining gold from the Keeps haul.

Inn offered bed warmers and the like.

MORNING wake up, bread and eggs and cheese (which we refuse)

Traded Hand Crossbow for +2 Dagger to Beril.
Crossbow is worth 520g- Got 600g for it! 150 Each!
Power Jewel worth 1k gold 250 each
Shockspear worth 680
570 each

We went to the Academy, rang the bell, had a bit of a conversation with the door keeper.
BARELY got into the Wizards Academy.

Guy let us in since we knew Ciaran.

Says we should talk to Cedric for shopping.

Through massive towers and up many floors, more floors than it looked like it could hold from the outside.

Stop at the 8th floor, goes down a hallway.

Helper guy Erasith goatee blue eyes blue robes leaves us here and goes to check on Cedric

Ciarans room is about 15×20. Lots of space but fitting for a military man. Very organized.

Look out the window and see an ocean with an island in the backround, ground level, seagul goes by. See a whale pop out of the water and then dive back in, 100 yards away.

Meeting Cedric. Lots of walking.
Open a door, see a railed platform. Erasith steps onto the platform/balcony.
Once on, you are on the outside of a very large and tall building, 8 floors up, 30 or 40 more floors upwards, smooth sides, no windows, a few doors with other platforms.

“Everyone on!” And we step on.

Rails all the way around the platform now and it moves off the side of the tower, slowly. Ascends.
Mountains to the left, oceans below, the platform goes up around the building at a diagonal and havnt even gotten halfway around the tower. Up 20 stories or so and it stops at another door.

Step through the door into a very large warehouse. Lots of shelves, many items. A counter, a few tables in front of the counter. A rather large ogre standing behind the counter. Very old, balding, full beard that is graying to white. Looking through a book with a pen in his hand. Wearing spectacles.

Cedric asks for a silver tooth, his is missing for 3 days.

Cedric asked for a specific cloak. Gets on a floating stepstool, floats to a shelf and grabs a box,a nd then steps INTO the box where he vanished, and we hear rummaging and things falling and cursing as things fall.

After a bit he stomps back up with a cloak.

Adal bought the cloak for 1k gold

Thaele asked for ritual foci. NOPE.

Ritual books: enchant item and endure elements in stock. No self holding bag.

180gold for ench item, 90g for endure elements.
Got on his stool and floated off to get them. 270g altogether!

Leaving town for Thunderspire, stopped to see Parle on the way. Thaele gave him the map, and Parle immediately became obsessed with it, and almost forgot anyone else was even there. Thaele tried to introduce Beril,but Parle barely noticed. 300g from Parle to Thaele.

To Thunderspire Peak!

First down a well travelled road, but then to the left a more cobbly less traveeled road to the mountain. Foothills rising up, mountain looming ahead of us.

We eventually end up…at the Minotaur Gate! They used to have a city here.

Brick vaulted passage, demon statues about 10 feet tall along left and right. Each statue carries a copper lantern that gives off a green light

We heard a halfling trying to talk his way out of being captured for a slave. Offered to buy himself for 20 gold.

Zorjub turned invisible and scouted out, warned us of what was ahead, but instead of setting up an ambush, Beril walked straight in and tried to stab the first guy he saw, and failed miserably. He ended up surrounded. Fight ensued. Beril eventually made his way up to the other end of the room, on negative health, and then drank a potion, shouted that it was poison instead of potion,and fell over.

Beril bluffs to pretend to be dead. AGAIN.

Saved a halfling Rendil Halfmoon. from slavers. Hes offering us free drinks at an Inn. He is inns owner. Halfmoon Inn

Slavers were hanging around his house, so he tailed them. These were ‘definitely bloodreavers’.

Told us that Gendar has a shop in the pillared hall. Connection to the Underdark so interesting items, will show us to the shop.

found 38 gold 43 silver
Wizard had a 50gold piece Gem on him.

In the 7 Pillared Hall there are a handful of different races. Goblins, humans, dwarves, etc.

Buildings have signs on them proclaiming their name.

On our way to see Gendar to exchange parcels.

Trade done with Gendar, he is telling us about an item he lost and wants us to retrieve. A non magical Skull scepter that is a valuable collectors item. Was stolen by Durugar.

Left Gendars and a largeish group led by an ogre met us.

Says Orontar, a mage, wants to meet us and leads us to a custom house

A human in black robes with an amulet around his neck comes out. Asks us what we are doing here. He doesnt like slavers, but also doesnt like groups of adventurers. Says slavers cause paperwork which is irritating.

Wants us to find and kill Paldimar, a fellow mage.

900g and an 8th level magic item if we complete it.

He also wants us to kill. Red-Eye Gang: 500g reward for bringing their heads. Might get ambushed by them as we roam around.

Back to the Inn.

Rendril introduces us to his Aunt. She’s very thankful for saving her nephew.

“Leave pillared hall through the dragon door, follow the route from prospectors and miners as they leave runes. Path leads to a maze of chambers and halls, eventually turns left into the Chamber of Eyes. Doorway carved with a lintel and 5 staring eyes”

Gnoll Sightings: Well of Demons maybe?

At the Door of Eyes. Hear high raspy voices be yond the door

Fletcher found a back entrance up a 15 foot ledge.

A bugbear!

23gold 60 silver! Bugbear tooth!

One goblin has a key.

Bugbear has magic belt!
Belt of Sacrifice went to Ciaran

Explored a bit of the area, opened two doors that led to the same room.
Found two Duegar! Grey skinned dwarves! Get its tooth!
Giant wolf showed up! GET ITS TOOTH and HIDE!
Combat still going!

Dwarf guy shouted “INTRUDERS!” and drew the attention of most of the area it seems, and we are being surrounded. Fight still going on.

End session midfight!

Sess. V The fall of Kalarel and Irontooth
Also some shiney treasures

Went downstairs, instant combat!

A small room with an archway to the East, a door to the North, and a hall to the South. Sent Zorjub to scout the hall, Scion barged into the room to the North and was almost instantly surroundded by vampires!

Several vampires and barbarians, and one shadowy rogueish gnome.

Combat really got going, we managed to funnel things into the Northern room fairly easily and take them out.

42g 62 silver
Pile of mundane gear in the corner of the room

Vampire tooth!

Investigated the larger room now to the East, and found a bit with a long drop into a pool of blood, as well as an Altar that seemed to be bleeding, and a large glowing magic crystal

There were chains going down the pit, which Beril immediately climbed down without any thought or planning. When he got to the bottom, he found cultists! how surprising. He tried to convince them he was there to join them,but they just would not be fooled.

The rest of the group stayed up to discuss what was going on. While the Culti was not fooled by Beril, most of the group was, though Thaele managed to convince them not to murder him quite yet, suggesting that at the very least he could be used for cannon fodder. Thaele revealed that Beril has a secret, but did not tell what that secret was.

The group climbed down, each in turn, and combat began against a Wight, several skeletal archers, and the head priest/wizard/whatever he was, Kalarel.
The group quickly learned that the Wight could reanimate the skeletal archers, and so had to take him out first. Thaele tried to put Kalarel to sleep but did not succeed.
There was also a portal and an arcane circle drawn on the ground. The portal had tentacles coming out of it.

The party eventually managed to kill Kalarel,

After the battle, before we could do anything else, Sir Whatshisface teleported in and got taken away by the Tentacles! The portal then closed.


Skelly guy taken by tentacles O.o



Horned Helm -Adal

+2 Dagger -To sell!

4 platinum and 100gold – 1 plat to everyone but Scion

Elven Cloak -Beril

Robe of useful Items! -Thaele

Kalarels Head- Adal

Summoned Tensirs Disc to carry mundane loot out

Tensirs disc with ~1k lbs of gear gathered from all along the Keep on our way out.

WELL that the hobgoblins kept jumping down.
3 silver :P

We were on our way back to Winterhaven when suddenly we saw smoke! BAD SMOKE!

Kobold siege on Winterhaven!

We found where the leader was, who Splug recognized as Irontooth. He was commanding a group of Kobolds to work a catapult that was firing alchemist fire.

Iron Tooth dead!

Iron Tooths iron tooth! -thaele =D Adal took his head!

Mundane gear-axes, armor
13gold 8 silver
Dice → Thaele

Havnt sold anything yet!

Kobold army dispersed!

No reward yet, talk about it next time. Everyone went back to the tavern to rest up, Thaele with his floating Disk full of loot behind him. Thaele did stop by the blacksmiths shop but there was nobody there.


1 platinum each except for Runepriest

9 gold 13 silver each 15 silver for thaele
Added to notes!


10g 24 silver each!

Add 1 gold 11 silver PLUS

OLDSESSIONLOOT redistributed:
578g + 96 silver original.

23g 106 silver 25 copper each added to what they have!

Total NEW GOLD ADDITIONS before next session!
23g 106 silver 25 copper before selling items!


450 each from selling Dagger!

If we sell the shock spear!
170 each from selling shock spear

Total for selling the two magic items: +620gold once weapons are sold

Plus whatever money in Falcrest when we return to our respective employers.

Session VI: Runepriests to the rescue
Also we found some statues

New guy showed up! A warforged runepriest named Sion.We beat the skelingtons, and moved on to the next room. Thaele found an altar with a secret compartment that held 6 statues that felt magical, but could not be identified.

Moving on to the next room after that, they found an ornate sarcophagus. When opened, a skeletal figure came out and began talking. He was a guardian of the keep, but killed many people and was punished by being bound to protect it in death.

He told us the statues would help us in our fight against Kalarel. One statue was given to each of us.

We moved deeper into the keep, going downstairs, and ran into hobgoblins! Several of them ran off to warn the rest of the keep, but we are midfight with others and had to pause.

Hobgoblins! 40g 80silver

Explored the floor a bit more, and Thaele and Scion went off ahead of the others into a room that had a chest in it. Scion ran to open the chest, Thaele followed slowly behind, and the others, except Splug, a bit behind them.
A Portcullis dropped! They were trapped with several Hobgoblins, including their captain!
Beril feigned death, convincing even his allies that he had dropped dead.
We took out the captain and a couple others,but had to run away. We made it to a safe room and took a rest.

Extended rest
We went back downstairs, and more carefully this time approached the hobgoblins we knew were waiting. Thaele had Zorjub draw their attention to lure them into an ambush.

30g 24 silver!
23g 60 silver!
30g 68 silver

Warchiefs loot!

380g pieces in chests

Magic Spear! Shock Spear!

23g 43s

Fought more undead. Statue traps!

Splug found a bag of holding. Zorjub saw him find it.

Found a gel cube! Beril nearly dissolved.

Also two weird zombies that regened and had a nasty aura, and threw pieces of necrotic rot at us.


50g 20s 43 copper

2 restful bedrolls – Kraden and Adal

power jewel
reach milestone→ restore use of 1st or 3rd level encounter power →given to thaele

578g 95 silver

96g 50 silver each? Yes. 115g each since Runepriest left without taking treasure.

Character Inventory Updated for this session!

Session IV 1/2 & V:More loot than you could carry
Unless you have a floating disc

Thaele picked up some Torture tools.
Rescued a goblin named Splug from a cell. NPC at this point.

Killed some rats and an Ochre Jelly.

Found a bag with two sunrods, skin of ale, two days worth of trail rations, one skin of water

Found a room full of Kruthik!

(games cancelled/people left, assumed battle happened)
Kruthik died! but they hurt Colvin. He will be resting at the temple in town.

47gp, 216sp, a small chest with 5 amethyst gems worth 50gp each and two healing potions

72 silver each+66 = 138 silver each!

15 gold each

1 gem each + 2 left over to split once we sell. Thaele has 3 gems on him. Beril has one, Naraam had one.

Magic poker! Thaele holding onto it for now.
Have UPDATED inventory to reflect gold added! š

Brought 1k lbs worth of scrap metal and food back to town! Expend 1 rituals worth of components for Tensirs Disc!

Ask Valthrun if he has any rituals for sale, or ritual components. Ask if he can identify the amulet we found.
Rituals to ask for specifically: Undead Ward. Secret Page. Animate Rope

The rituals that Valthrun has are: Banish Vermin/30gp, Unseen servant/50gp, Object reading/250gp, Dark light/150gp, Create Campsite/50gp, Wizards curtain/75gp, Comprehend Languages/50gp, Arcane mark/20gp, Make Whole/50gp, Fastidiousness/50gp, Travelers Camoflage/50gp, Pass without Trace/50gp, Explosive Runes/100gp, Continual Light/100gp, Lower Water/100gp, Tree Shape/100gp, Eye of Alarm/100gp, Water Walk/100gp, Undead Ward/130gp.

NEW GUYS: Asked by Sister to investigate a Winterhaven for a group of Death Cultists, lead by Kaleral. Determine if there is, stamp it out. Informed of group of adventurers that left earlier.

Thaele sold bulk junk weapons to the smithy.

Naraam sold Holy Symbol

Crate of food Thaele hauled back on the disc contained: 6 cans of unmarked dwarven canned food. Worth 1 meal.
Lots of mystery meat jerky, probably only suitable for splug.

(Past,missed notes)Town hired us to clear out keep, free room and board for life.

Naraam and Thaele bought some rituals from Valthrun.

Back to the Keep!
FIGHT! Blue slime, immune to charm and fear, resist acid.

157 silver 33 gold potion of healing wooden message cylinder: message!

One sheet is a map showing where keep is
Other two are messages

8 gold each, 16g + 7 silver for Thaele,as Beril threw his share away and Thaele caught it.

Exploring, encountered a group of zombie goblins and humans!

Charge with contact effect

Find traps, more zombles.


Armor and weapons found!

Magic Wand! Went to Naram.

Magic Leather Armor! Went to Beril.

EXTENDED REST! Studied Undead Ward ritual!

Explored south, got hit by a trap! Many skeletons came out of Sarcophagi. End session.

Session IV: Back to the keep
After visiting town of course

Extended Rest: Prepared Grasping Bones

1st Battle! At the keep.
Fat goblin and many others

60g on fat one + 10 on hobgob +5 from others 40silver

2 fire arrows from fire archer alchemist fire burst 1 d6 half on miss š
9 poison bolts poison 2ndary attack vs fort ongoing 3 poison target is slowed —Went to rogue

magic hot poker from hobgoblin: you make it do fire damage, if you hit ongoing 2 fire damage save ends 1d8+bonus ongoing fire 2 —Went to monk UPDATE: Thaele now has it

Tooth from fat goblin š

2 daggers š

CHEST! Fat Goblin had a key! š

560 gold pieces small clear orb š


+60 gold 45 silver -š

115g each + 85 silver for me š

Ink and blank vellum and quills š

Session III: In which we are outnumbered
Also poison bolts suck

Secret room! Went up, Fat Goblin asleep. Woke him up, he ran, got lots of other goblins attention. We very nearly died. Escaped though! Beril was poisoned for a long time from ONE BOLT and came very,very close to dying. Did a bluff to pretend to be dead.

Get back to Winterhaven, its inundated by undead!

Milestone: +1 Action Point

On Ninaran Longbow, 39g, velum sheet with note and passphrase
+1 Elf Tooth!

39g 8 silver each!

Extended Rest: Back to 1 AP. Prepared Arcane Mutterings.

Spent some time in town shopping and resting up.

Session II: First Dungeon Dive
Into the Keep!

Continue just after the ambush.

Come to a relatively unused part of the road. No more wagon ruts,etc. Near to the Keep.

Enter the Keep. Goblins!
Fight ensues. Beril falls into a pit, climbs out, ends up nearly dying. Does a bluff check to pretend to be dead.

Fight was with 7 goblins

43g 51

5 days worth of trail rations and dried fruits and meat with many barrels and crates worth still leftover

Small pile of mundane gear and weapons


22g pieces

Dirt covered holy symbol of Bahaumat. Magic! Symbol of Battle +1 to attack extra 1d8 on crit


Level up!

More mundane gear. Picks, shovels, swords

4 more goblin , 2 guard drake

Gold divided up. 11g each except Thaele, who recieved 10g + 51 silver

Spent the night. -1 ration


60 gold 27s
10g each


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