Interactions with the natives of the Nentir Vale

Session II: First Dungeon Dive

Into the Keep!

Continue just after the ambush.

Come to a relatively unused part of the road. No more wagon ruts,etc. Near to the Keep.

Enter the Keep. Goblins!
Fight ensues. Beril falls into a pit, climbs out, ends up nearly dying. Does a bluff check to pretend to be dead.

Fight was with 7 goblins

43g 51

5 days worth of trail rations and dried fruits and meat with many barrels and crates worth still leftover

Small pile of mundane gear and weapons


22g pieces

Dirt covered holy symbol of Bahaumat. Magic! Symbol of Battle +1 to attack extra 1d8 on crit


Level up!

More mundane gear. Picks, shovels, swords

4 more goblin , 2 guard drake

Gold divided up. 11g each except Thaele, who recieved 10g + 51 silver

Spent the night. -1 ration


60 gold 27s
10g each



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