Interactions with the natives of the Nentir Vale

Session III: In which we are outnumbered

Also poison bolts suck

Secret room! Went up, Fat Goblin asleep. Woke him up, he ran, got lots of other goblins attention. We very nearly died. Escaped though! Beril was poisoned for a long time from ONE BOLT and came very,very close to dying. Did a bluff to pretend to be dead.

Get back to Winterhaven, its inundated by undead!

Milestone: +1 Action Point

On Ninaran Longbow, 39g, velum sheet with note and passphrase
+1 Elf Tooth!

39g 8 silver each!

Extended Rest: Back to 1 AP. Prepared Arcane Mutterings.

Spent some time in town shopping and resting up.



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