Interactions with the natives of the Nentir Vale

Session IV 1/2 & V:More loot than you could carry

Unless you have a floating disc

Thaele picked up some Torture tools.
Rescued a goblin named Splug from a cell. NPC at this point.

Killed some rats and an Ochre Jelly.

Found a bag with two sunrods, skin of ale, two days worth of trail rations, one skin of water

Found a room full of Kruthik!

(games cancelled/people left, assumed battle happened)
Kruthik died! but they hurt Colvin. He will be resting at the temple in town.

47gp, 216sp, a small chest with 5 amethyst gems worth 50gp each and two healing potions

72 silver each+66 = 138 silver each!

15 gold each

1 gem each + 2 left over to split once we sell. Thaele has 3 gems on him. Beril has one, Naraam had one.

Magic poker! Thaele holding onto it for now.
Have UPDATED inventory to reflect gold added! ลก

Brought 1k lbs worth of scrap metal and food back to town! Expend 1 rituals worth of components for Tensirs Disc!

Ask Valthrun if he has any rituals for sale, or ritual components. Ask if he can identify the amulet we found.
Rituals to ask for specifically: Undead Ward. Secret Page. Animate Rope

The rituals that Valthrun has are: Banish Vermin/30gp, Unseen servant/50gp, Object reading/250gp, Dark light/150gp, Create Campsite/50gp, Wizards curtain/75gp, Comprehend Languages/50gp, Arcane mark/20gp, Make Whole/50gp, Fastidiousness/50gp, Travelers Camoflage/50gp, Pass without Trace/50gp, Explosive Runes/100gp, Continual Light/100gp, Lower Water/100gp, Tree Shape/100gp, Eye of Alarm/100gp, Water Walk/100gp, Undead Ward/130gp.

NEW GUYS: Asked by Sister to investigate a Winterhaven for a group of Death Cultists, lead by Kaleral. Determine if there is, stamp it out. Informed of group of adventurers that left earlier.

Thaele sold bulk junk weapons to the smithy.

Naraam sold Holy Symbol

Crate of food Thaele hauled back on the disc contained: 6 cans of unmarked dwarven canned food. Worth 1 meal.
Lots of mystery meat jerky, probably only suitable for splug.

(Past,missed notes)Town hired us to clear out keep, free room and board for life.

Naraam and Thaele bought some rituals from Valthrun.

Back to the Keep!
FIGHT! Blue slime, immune to charm and fear, resist acid.

157 silver 33 gold potion of healing wooden message cylinder: message!

One sheet is a map showing where keep is
Other two are messages

8 gold each, 16g + 7 silver for Thaele,as Beril threw his share away and Thaele caught it.

Exploring, encountered a group of zombie goblins and humans!

Charge with contact effect

Find traps, more zombles.


Armor and weapons found!

Magic Wand! Went to Naram.

Magic Leather Armor! Went to Beril.

EXTENDED REST! Studied Undead Ward ritual!

Explored south, got hit by a trap! Many skeletons came out of Sarcophagi. End session.



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