Interactions with the natives of the Nentir Vale

Session IV: Back to the keep

After visiting town of course

Extended Rest: Prepared Grasping Bones

1st Battle! At the keep.
Fat goblin and many others

60g on fat one + 10 on hobgob +5 from others 40silver

2 fire arrows from fire archer alchemist fire burst 1 d6 half on miss š
9 poison bolts poison 2ndary attack vs fort ongoing 3 poison target is slowed —Went to rogue

magic hot poker from hobgoblin: you make it do fire damage, if you hit ongoing 2 fire damage save ends 1d8+bonus ongoing fire 2 —Went to monk UPDATE: Thaele now has it

Tooth from fat goblin š

2 daggers š

CHEST! Fat Goblin had a key! š

560 gold pieces small clear orb š


+60 gold 45 silver -š

115g each + 85 silver for me š

Ink and blank vellum and quills š



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