Interactions with the natives of the Nentir Vale

Session VI: Runepriests to the rescue

Also we found some statues

New guy showed up! A warforged runepriest named Sion.We beat the skelingtons, and moved on to the next room. Thaele found an altar with a secret compartment that held 6 statues that felt magical, but could not be identified.

Moving on to the next room after that, they found an ornate sarcophagus. When opened, a skeletal figure came out and began talking. He was a guardian of the keep, but killed many people and was punished by being bound to protect it in death.

He told us the statues would help us in our fight against Kalarel. One statue was given to each of us.

We moved deeper into the keep, going downstairs, and ran into hobgoblins! Several of them ran off to warn the rest of the keep, but we are midfight with others and had to pause.

Hobgoblins! 40g 80silver

Explored the floor a bit more, and Thaele and Scion went off ahead of the others into a room that had a chest in it. Scion ran to open the chest, Thaele followed slowly behind, and the others, except Splug, a bit behind them.
A Portcullis dropped! They were trapped with several Hobgoblins, including their captain!
Beril feigned death, convincing even his allies that he had dropped dead.
We took out the captain and a couple others,but had to run away. We made it to a safe room and took a rest.

Extended rest
We went back downstairs, and more carefully this time approached the hobgoblins we knew were waiting. Thaele had Zorjub draw their attention to lure them into an ambush.

30g 24 silver!
23g 60 silver!
30g 68 silver

Warchiefs loot!

380g pieces in chests

Magic Spear! Shock Spear!

23g 43s

Fought more undead. Statue traps!

Splug found a bag of holding. Zorjub saw him find it.

Found a gel cube! Beril nearly dissolved.

Also two weird zombies that regened and had a nasty aura, and threw pieces of necrotic rot at us.


50g 20s 43 copper

2 restful bedrolls – Kraden and Adal

power jewel
reach milestone→ restore use of 1st or 3rd level encounter power →given to thaele

578g 95 silver

96g 50 silver each? Yes. 115g each since Runepriest left without taking treasure.

Character Inventory Updated for this session!



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