Interactions with the natives of the Nentir Vale

Sess. V The fall of Kalarel and Irontooth

Also some shiney treasures

Went downstairs, instant combat!

A small room with an archway to the East, a door to the North, and a hall to the South. Sent Zorjub to scout the hall, Scion barged into the room to the North and was almost instantly surroundded by vampires!

Several vampires and barbarians, and one shadowy rogueish gnome.

Combat really got going, we managed to funnel things into the Northern room fairly easily and take them out.

42g 62 silver
Pile of mundane gear in the corner of the room

Vampire tooth!

Investigated the larger room now to the East, and found a bit with a long drop into a pool of blood, as well as an Altar that seemed to be bleeding, and a large glowing magic crystal

There were chains going down the pit, which Beril immediately climbed down without any thought or planning. When he got to the bottom, he found cultists! how surprising. He tried to convince them he was there to join them,but they just would not be fooled.

The rest of the group stayed up to discuss what was going on. While the Culti was not fooled by Beril, most of the group was, though Thaele managed to convince them not to murder him quite yet, suggesting that at the very least he could be used for cannon fodder. Thaele revealed that Beril has a secret, but did not tell what that secret was.

The group climbed down, each in turn, and combat began against a Wight, several skeletal archers, and the head priest/wizard/whatever he was, Kalarel.
The group quickly learned that the Wight could reanimate the skeletal archers, and so had to take him out first. Thaele tried to put Kalarel to sleep but did not succeed.
There was also a portal and an arcane circle drawn on the ground. The portal had tentacles coming out of it.

The party eventually managed to kill Kalarel,

After the battle, before we could do anything else, Sir Whatshisface teleported in and got taken away by the Tentacles! The portal then closed.


Skelly guy taken by tentacles O.o



Horned Helm -Adal

+2 Dagger -To sell!

4 platinum and 100gold – 1 plat to everyone but Scion

Elven Cloak -Beril

Robe of useful Items! -Thaele

Kalarels Head- Adal

Summoned Tensirs Disc to carry mundane loot out

Tensirs disc with ~1k lbs of gear gathered from all along the Keep on our way out.

WELL that the hobgoblins kept jumping down.
3 silver :P

We were on our way back to Winterhaven when suddenly we saw smoke! BAD SMOKE!

Kobold siege on Winterhaven!

We found where the leader was, who Splug recognized as Irontooth. He was commanding a group of Kobolds to work a catapult that was firing alchemist fire.

Iron Tooth dead!

Iron Tooths iron tooth! -thaele =D Adal took his head!

Mundane gear-axes, armor
13gold 8 silver
Dice → Thaele

Havnt sold anything yet!

Kobold army dispersed!

No reward yet, talk about it next time. Everyone went back to the tavern to rest up, Thaele with his floating Disk full of loot behind him. Thaele did stop by the blacksmiths shop but there was nobody there.


1 platinum each except for Runepriest

9 gold 13 silver each 15 silver for thaele
Added to notes!


10g 24 silver each!

Add 1 gold 11 silver PLUS

OLDSESSIONLOOT redistributed:
578g + 96 silver original.

23g 106 silver 25 copper each added to what they have!

Total NEW GOLD ADDITIONS before next session!
23g 106 silver 25 copper before selling items!


450 each from selling Dagger!

If we sell the shock spear!
170 each from selling shock spear

Total for selling the two magic items: +620gold once weapons are sold

Plus whatever money in Falcrest when we return to our respective employers.



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