Blessed Goliath


Appearance :

Small tufts of hair of insulting size in random places on his head.

Grey Skin.

Wearing bear hide leather with harnesses on it for easy access to his weapons.

Rock Armband with some carving around one bicep

Have my maul hanging off my back with my cross bow hanging off my right hip


Adal was born with a gift few Goliath men a born with. He was born with hair, which marked him as blessed by the wild spirits unknown to him at the time. Long luxurious black hair that fell down to his shoulders and stopped as he reached maturity. Being the only male Goliath with hair in his homeland made him a bit of a local celebrity that brought him much attention as he grew. He was the towns and from his parents treasure much to the resentment of his almost identical younger brother Merser. Being born a “normal” Goliath Merser was the ignored child as he grew up and always stood in the shadow of Adals magnificent hair and could not earn his parents attention nor praise no matter his accomplishments. Over the years this drove him slowly mad.

All through out Adal’s upbringing he was told how special his hair was and how he should care for it and respect it. He was shown by the women of his homeland how to properly take care of it with various herbs and plants and what have you. Unsatisfied with the quality of what they had on hand he began to make trips out into the local wilds and woods to search for the best hair products he could find. Unknowingly blessed by the spirits he found all kinds of plants and herbs used for healing and cleansing which he shared with his people, as well as always finding the cleanest rivers, lakes, watering holes etc. to wash his hair in.

Some god like hair man serious.

It was on one of this trips that his brothers madness finally revealed it self. If hair was what Merser needed to prevail in life then hair he was going to have. You see he had been following his brother for months into the woods always loosing him but always searching intent on finding him. Until at last he got more then he could ever hoped for. He stumbled upon Adal in a clearing washing his magnificent hair at the base of a small waterfall with his backed turned to him. Thanking the gods for finally showing him mercy he slinked behind Adal drew his weapon and bashed the back of his head with all his might. Dragging him out of the water he set to work.

When Adal regained consciousness he awoke to a nightmare. He went to rub the back of his swollen head expecting to find the gentle cushion of his pride and joy only to find nothing. His hair had been cut off. All that remained were a few tufts here and there that poked out in mockery of the glory that once was contemplating what he was now with out it. Shattered and lost he sat there for what felt like hours just rubbing his head feeling for what should be there but wasnt until a glimpse of movement caught his attention. A trio of rocks each bigger in size rolled in front of him and stack upon each other and spoke. They explained everything to him, what his hair had meant the pride it brought the spirits to see it thrive. The betrayal of his brother and his motives. They apologized for being to slow to stop him from completing his atrocities they had not thought such a thing capable. But they promised they would be with him from now and would aid him now on if he chose to go after and reclaim what was once his.

Accepting the spirits offer he head back to his town in search of his village only to find another tragedy. As you returned to your home people stared at you in open mouthed shock some barely holding back tears for what you thought was for the loss of your hair not entirely you would soon discover. But no Merser had returned wearing a wig out of your herculean hair impersonating you. His first act upon returning was to begin a massacre starting with your parents. Claiming to be you the whole time during his bloodbath by the time he was done more then seven people lay dead the town in terror and confusion until you arrived.

You explained to the people what occurred at the waterfall and your mission to find your brother and reclaim your hair. The people also asked if you intended to avenge your parents in the dead townsfolk with which you hastily amended that of course that too. Still being the towns (former) blessed they sent you on your way armed with the best they had to offer to aid you in your mission of follicle vengeance.

Once a trusting and carefree Goliath Adal is now a paranoid, hair obsessed (more so then before) and generally angry literal force of nature that will stop at nothing until he reclaims his hair back. Also avenging his parents yada yada yada.


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