Silent, well dressed middle-aged gentleman. Well-kept.


Well groomed, clean and wearing well kept armor, this man stands roughly about five foot nine inches and weighs a little over a hundred and ninety pounds. His body frame suggests a life of martial practice while his stance and bearing suggests formal schooling and proper up-bringing as such might come from a upper middle class home. When he speaks his voice is accented with an archaic suggestion to it.


A soldier from the Nerath empire, in the great war of the gnolls against the empire he was petrified by a staff wielding gnoll. After the combat he was put into a safe room until a time when a cure could be found or magic used to turn back the petrification. Unfortunately such a time never came and the ages passed with Ciaran locked away in the darkness until ‘explorers’ found his statue and a few others like him. He was sold for profit to a noble woman since everyone thought he was simply a statue of a soldier. Yet fate would not leave him in this condition and a guest wizard at the lady’s home figured out the truth of Ciaran’s condition. Thus he was brought to the Twilight Academy at Falcrest where they depetrified him and begaint he process of teaching him the common of the era. For Ciaran this was all a grand shock and quite the change from how life had been. Many years had passed since he had last walked the earth and all of it passed in what seemed like a mere instance to him. He is still dealing with the state of things and the crumbling of his once great empire. All around him he sees the world only as what it used to be and now isn’t. Oh how the great have fallen… in his attempts to learn more about this strange new timeline he’s decided to start travelling and offering his military expertise where needed.


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