Colvin Fireforge

Dwarven Fighter


Colvin is a Dwarven Fighter, formerly a player. He was injured, spent some time in the Temple to recover, and then left for Falcrest.

His Role Thus Far: Working as hired muscle in Fallcrest

Colvin is the second eldest son of the Fireforge Clan from Hammerfast. He learned blacksmithing and stonework from a young age, but always wished to become a mighty warrior. This was not particularly looked on approvingly from his father who would have his sons continue the FIreforge tradition of metal and stone crafting. When Colvin reached the age of 20 he was arranged to be married to a young dwarven lady of another prominent Hammerfast Clan, the Stoneshafts. Not wishing to marry, Colvin and his older brother, Damar ran off to join the Military of Hammerfast. For, years they fought at each others side. The last year of their service the brothers became involved in a skirmish out in the Old Hills against a mage terrorizing the countryside. Though they prevailed, the mage slew Damar, leaving Colvin with a hatred for all magic users. Colvin was disowned by his father for shaming the Fireforges and getting its first heir killed. Since then Colvin has been doing hired work in Fallcrest burying his shame in mead and battle.

Traits: Colvin is a heavy set and muscular dwarf with piercing blue eyes, long brown hair and a bushy beard braided in dwarven fashion. He is a straight forward and no nonsense individual who to most seems perpetually grouchy (he is). He mistrusts magic users, enjoys mead and battle, and has a particular aversion to dwarven women.


Colvin Fireforge

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