Kraden Vulenthon

Dragonborn Sorcerer, likes fire


Personality: Kraden is pompous, arrogant, and overly sure of his ability. He tends to act impulsively and look for immediate gain, with little consideration for long term goals. He also gets bored easily, and may start looking for things to burn.

Appearance: Covered in bright red scales, with a huge gaping mouth.


Kraden Vulenthon grew up in a small swamp village, with a tribe of less than a hundred. Most children there were trained in some form of fire magic. As dragonborn mature quicker than humans, they started their training with Master Draggl when they were only 5 years old. Living there his whole life has given Kraden some immunity to the diseases there, and also has built up his stamina by slogging through the muddy swamp often.

Kraden was always at the top of his class. No other student in his village could match him at utilizing the terrible power of flame. For Kraden, few things were challenging and he met success with nearly everything he did as a child. As a result, after completing his training, he is overconfident in whatever he does. He is used to being the best and winning, and doesn’t understand why things don’t always go his way.

He ventures out into the world confidently. He will say he fights to gain prestige and fortune for his town, but when it comes down to it he is selfish with his victories.

Kraden Vulenthon

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