Thaele Duskwalker

The Ghost-Caller


Appearance: Once black, his necromantic practices have turned his hair ghostly white. It is shoulder length. He is pale even by Eladrin standards.His eyes glimmer a bright purple,though anyone who has had a conversation will say the same, that his eyes were dead inside, with no hint of any emotion,save perhaps a trace of sorrow.
Wearing a deep, dark purple,hooded robe, with a black shirt and black pants underneath.
Mala prayer beads on the left hand: black beads with a small dream catcher and a single raven feather.
Wearing a necklace of teeth from humanoids and large animals , bound in braided leather.
A black backpack, filled with adventuring gear, ready to head into some undead creatures lair.
A smallish brown leather pouch attatched to his belt.
A bag of holding hidden in his robes.
Dark reddish black boots, the color of dried blood.
A ritual book, made of blackened leather, the spine of which appears to be a literal spine, hangs from his right side, hanging from his belt by a leather strap.

His prized possession is his Bag of Ghosts.
A jet black bag that at first seems to be a bag of holding, it is inscribed with many runes, some large and some quite small, they shimmer in various colors with no discernible pattern. Most of the larger ones glow a dim purple, but the smaller ones vary widely in their coloration.
The knowledge of the Bag, how to control it, where it came from, and what the runes mean, is a closely guarded secret that only Thaele and Zorjub are aware of.

Zorjub is Thaeles book imp. He helps guide him to new sources of necromantic power and knowledge, though those trips dont always end in success. Zorjub has his own reasons for wanting Thaele to gain power, but he does legitimately want to help Thaele grow as a Wizard and Necromancer.
Thaele often uses Zorjub as a scout in dangerous or otherwise unpleasant situations or when he needs eyes and ears on an ally that wont be nearby. Zorjub often sits on Thaeles shoulder, though he stays invisible while within towns.


Born to a mother who was a cleric of Ioun, and a father who was a blacksmith. Grew up in a town comprised mostly of Half-Elves and elf/human couples. Thaele rarely spent time with other people, and preferred to immerse himself in books.

At the age of 90, he met a human woman named Selriana. The two met picking wild herbs, Selriana was looking for cooking ingredients, while Thaele was looking for alchemy ingredients. It was love at first sight for both of them. After a year together, they were married.
Thaele worked as a scribe and apprentice alchemist, and had a great love of all things intellectual. His social skills were never really developed as he spent the majority of his free time reading.

10 years after meeting Selriana, tragedy struck. She came down with an illness that the village healers could not cure, or even identify. Many in the town had the same sickness, and all of them died mere days after the symptoms first started.

Thaele became nearly comatose in his grief, barely eating or drinking, he sat endlessly at Selrianas grave.

Then, a week after her funeral, Thaele had a most unexpected visitor. A book imp by the name of Zorjub. He whispered secrets to Thaele, promises of power and wealth. The only part that held his attention though was the phrase “power over death.”

And so Thaele took his first steps to becoming a necromancer. He apprenticed himself to a nearby wizard,Trogdor the Ever Burning, where he earned his keep by working as a scribe. Once he felt he was ready, he left the wizards tower in search of necromantic knowledge. To date Thaele has invented one form of necromantic magic on his own.

Thaele Duskwalker

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