Valthrun the Prescient

Winterhavens resident scholar


Valthrun is a sage and scholar who lives in a tower within Winterhaven’s walls. On occasion he shows up in Wrafton’s to socialize. Valthrun is knowledgeable about the area, though he knows nothing of death cult activity in the vicinity. He does know about the sealed rift beneath the ruins of the old keep, but he doesn’t discuss such things with just any adventurer, and he never talks about it with the villagers since he doesn’t want to cause a panic. Valthrun is a good listener, asking just enough questions to keep whomever he speaks with talking.
The sage and scholar has a small selection of 1st and 2nd level rituals he is willing to sell at his tower.

Hey might be able to be persuaded to travel to obtain more ritual books, but would not be happy about it.

Ritual components are available.
Rituals Currently Available:

  1. Banish Vermin/30gp,
  2. Unseen servant/50gp,
  3. Object reading/250gp,
  4. Dark light/150gp,
  5. Create Campsite/50gp,
  6. Wizards curtain/75gp,
  7. Comprehend Languages/50gp,
  8. Arcane mark/20gp,
  9. Make Whole/50gp,
  10. Fastidiousness/50gp,
  11. Travelers Camoflage/50gp,
  12. Pass without Trace/50gp,
  13. Explosive Runes/100gp,
  14. Continual Light/100gp,
  15. Lower Water/100gp,
  16. Tree Shape/100gp,
  17. Eye of Alarm/100gp,
  18. Water Walk/100gp,
  19. Undead Ward/130gp

Valthrun the Prescient

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