Interactions with the natives of the Nentir Vale

Session One: The begining

(1)Want ad by Parle Cranewing, archaeologist.

For archaeological expedition

Go to ruins to map them out

Could be treasure, could be nothing. No one has been there. Very little information about it.
He does have a map to get to the ruins.

Reward: 300g for group,50g each, + any treasure we find. !!! UPDATE:300g all for Thaele since he is the last member of the original party.

(2) Woman named Mavis Dovan, heard you were going to Winterhaven. Asks… her husband Stal Dovan is an explorer, heard there was a burial site for a dragon. Left 3 months ago, hasnt returned. She wants you to try and find out what happened to him. Normally he would have sent letter but no word. No merchant groups travel that way, we are first group to head there. She cant afford to pay us. Purely a favor.

TRIP: Nothing exciting happened. A dragon flew overhead high in the sky, but took no notice of us.
We notice smoke in the distance, looks like typical cooking fires and such from a community.
The road is nice. Bard sings telepathically to us along the way.
As we get closer, we start noticing clawed footprints.

34 silver pieces.

A few hours more marching. Outskirts of Winterhaven, small farms. Hill in the distance with small fortress on top of it.

6 days passed from start to Winterhaven.

Valthrun might know more about the keep. Wearing robes. Hasnt been there, knows its not safe anymore. Was some sort of watch tower. Made it to guard against gnolls maybe. Since empire fell, it became run down. Few visitors these days. People that go there generally see non-humans. Goblins maybe. Or Orcs. People dont stay long enough to find out what they are.

Dragon Burial Site: Southwest, associated with ancient dragon. Valthrun has never been there. Remembers a man asking about it, but hasnt seen him since. Has a map in his Tower.

One person who did deal with the man who went south was a farmer named Elan, Elan led the man down there.

Elan: Led Stal there, Stal seemed very excited. Elan assumed it was old trash heap or something. Hasnt seen Stal since he took him over a month ago. Close to outskirts of farms. Not completely safe, but not a death sentence. More dangerous creatures stay away. More dangerous lately than in the past. Thinks Stal hired local people to help him. They havnt been seen either.
Elan is usually in the tarvern at night.

Valthrunds tower: 1st floor looks like nobody lives there. 3rd floor is very cluttered.

Decided to go to the ruined keep first.
On the way there, ambushed by kobolds!

+5g 23 silver

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