Houserules and Allowable Races

House Rules
Healing potions give you back a number of hit-points equal to your healing surge value, but without you having to expend a healing surge and costs 75gp.

When you die, if you’re not raised, your new character begins at the same level as your deceased one.

When firing into melee and a one comes up on the d20. You must roll to see if you hit any creature adjacent to your missed target, this includes your allies.
Make an attack roll and then compare it to the relevant defense of the adjacent targets. Choose randomly if more than one target is hit.

Inherent bonuses give a bonus to attack and damage rolls: L2/1, L7/2, L12/3, L17/4, L22/+ 5 and L27/6.
It also gives a bonus to AC, Fort, REF and Will: L4/
1, L9/2, L14/3, L19/4, L24/5 and L29/+6.
There’s a check box for it in the character builder.

Wild talents are allowed.

The Werebear, wererat and werewolf themes are allowed.

We’ll add more as we come up with them.
Allowable Races

The races that are allowed: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Eladrin, Halflings, Half-orcs, Gnomes, Minotaurs, Deva, Goblins, Kobolds, Pixies, Hamadryads, Satyr, Hobgoblins, Muls, Bullywugs, Razorclaw Shifters, Dragonborn, Goliaths, Half-elves, Orcs, and Tieflings.

No more than one of these is allowed in the party: Warforged, Bugbear, Changelings, Revenants, Githyanki, Lycanthrope Themed characters, Shadar-kai, Wilden, Gnolls, Kenku, Shardmind, Githzerai, and Svirfneblin.

These aren’t allowed until the party is level 10: Drow and Duergar.

Minotaurs were once human worshippers of Baphomet. In his great benevolence, Baphomet would gift his most favored worshipers by gifting them with his appearance. Back then they were called Baphorn and eventually were great enough in number to be considered a race. They founded a city in Nentir by the name of Saruun Khel and oppressed those all about them.
Eventually the city fell, but before that a group of Baphorn regretting the religious choices of their ancestors, turned from the worship of Baphomet and back to the worship of the true gods, mostly Kord. They left the city and renamed themselves Minotaurs.
Their ancestors can still be found in the Ogrefist Hills in the west and in the Briar Hills and Dawnforge mountains in the east.

Muls a.k.a Half-dwarves are not considered a separate race, but are considered to be either human or dwarven. It’s sort of a beard off, beard on kind of thing. It also depends on your racial feat selection when you first make your half-dwarf. But, if it does come out about your mixed heritage, you’ll be considered a half-dwarf.

Warforged were kind of an accident. The Nerath wizards were looking to create “smart” golem soldiers that could operate on their own without the need of a controller. They ended up with more than they had planned for as they “accidentally” gifted their new golem soldiers with sentience.
The first sign of this “sentience” was dismissed as a quirk, because the behavior faded. In the first year of their existence, as the first warforged were effectively children, they had a tendency to wander off during the lulls in the battle. They would be later found in a field somewhere picking flowers, playing with or just petting cows/sheep and sometimes they would be found playing in a tree or stream, it varied.
The next sign was automation. The warforged began to repair, train and create themselves. They basically stayed in their compounds until they were called forth to battle. Then they began to “artistically” alter their compounds, but again it was dismissed as a harmless quirk.
It eventually came to a head when the warforged of one compound refused to leave for battle. It quickly escalated after that, when the warforged of the other compounds disappeared and then later reappeared when they attacked the rear of the forces besieging the “rebelling” warforged compound.
Long story short, they achieved their independence and acquired recognition as a new race. They have a city somewhere south of Nentir, likely with some original name like “Warforged city”.

Razorclaw Shifters are born only amongst the Tigerclaw Barbarians and nowhere else. I can give the specifics to anyone that decides to play one.

Goliaths are found in the Dawnforge Mountains and on Thunderspire peak. There might be some in the Cairngorm Peaks, but that’s so far unsubstantiated.

Houserules and Allowable Races

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