Interactions with the natives of the Nentir Vale

Session VIII: Midfight start, Slaver Chieftan!

Also Beril is a dick

Session started midfight! MANY THINGS coming from 3 different directions!

Thaele remembered he had iron spikes and wedged two doors shut to slow the waves of enemies, and the group moved their way into a room to try and take on the slavers one at a time.

Instead, the slavers locked them in.

Thaele pulled out a crowbar and Adal used it to break the door open. Left and went to the East, into a room that seemed to be more defensible.

When he got to the room, Thaele recognized the designs around him and realized that it used to be a temple devoted to Togor, the god of torture and pain. A god who also happened to be on the mortal plane, in the Underdark.

This knowledge caused Thaele to panic, and shout to his companions that he very much wanted to leave. They tried to get a solid reason why out of him,but he just stammered something about torture and pain. The less informed and more level headed members of the company mostly ignored him, but did go ahead and decide they would push in the other direction.

At this point, Beril ran off on his own, planning to escape and leave the rest of the group to die. He happened to attract several of the enemy, however, who gave chase. He managed to stay ahead of them though. He eventually got back down the balcony, drank a potion, and ran to the front door. He picked the lock and went back inside, but instead of going back to his team, he went south, into a room with a strange fountain.

While this was going on the others were pushing their way back into the room they started in. Thaele used his Bag of Ghosts very effectively, pushing one enemy down the stairs and knocking another prone in front of the fireplace. The others did fantastically against the enemies as well. Beril was the only one in any real danger once they got a foothold, since he ran off on his own.

Eventually they cleared out the rest, though one or two ran off and escaped, and they searched the building, found a fair bit of gold and treasure, including some magic shoes of water walking that went to Thaele, and a magic Hammer that went to Adal, several potions, some gems.

Everyone else decided to not give Beril a cut of the loot they got, since he abandoned them.

Beril ended up finding a stash of gold anyway,so he got some profit at least.

After clearing the place out and resting overnight, the company headed back to town.
On the way, they were attacked by hyenas! They very nearly took Adal down. Beril was surprisingly heroic during this encounter.
They eventually overcame the Hyenas and continued on to the Seven Pillared Hall.

Thaele had carted a bunch of mundane gear and some food and ale and the like from the kitchen of the keep, and spent a decent portion of the day bartering with people, and earned a decent bit of gold.

Beril spent the entire day going from store to store buying up any health potions he could, and ended up with 10 new ones along with a vial bandolier.

The others waited on Thaele to go talk to Orontar about what had happened so far. He wasnt too concerned with the slavers, but did reward the company with 200 gold. He asked again about finding the missing mage, declined an offer to buy the slavers base, and pointed them towards Gendar.

Thaele traded a gem for 150g worth of residuum, and said that he could buy the base from them,but that it would have to be at a wholesale price and would be even less since it would need to be repaired and cleaned before he could sell it. The party decided to hold off for a while and think about it.

Along with the treasure, the company found a scroll tube that had a note in it, from the people that bought the slaves from the Bloodreavers.
Contract for purchasing slaves from riverdown? Signed by Murclmor Gjimmer Durogar? Map to Horned Hold. Asks to bring the slaves there. They will bring rest of payment [note: check with DM for accuracy]

SO the company, after a day of shopping and a night of rest in the town, headed down the Shadow road towards Horned Hold.
On the way, in a tunnel, they find undead!
Fight ensues. Thaele fails to remember much about them, though he did immediately identify them as Dread Zombies. A Wight showed up.
Wight was taken out almost immediately, but the zombies still came back to unlife after being slain.

Thaele eventually remembered that Dread Zombies only stay dead if you kill them with fire or radiant damage. Thaele then remembered his Hot Poker, and took one out that was downed next to him. Kraden got the others.

The Wight had a platinum and a bit of gold on him, but no other loot or secrets to be found in this area.




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