Interactions with the natives of the Nentir Vale

Session X: Sleepy sleepy ogre

Also some kill stealing

Briefly talked about what path to take, Zorjub scouted around and reported what he saw.
Group decided to go into Left as it was a known danger, rather than Right which was unknown even though it could have been safe.

Left side had 3 Arbelists guarding the bridge. Adal and Kraden held a door up to block the crossbow bolts they fired so the group got across safely. Adal and Kraden then hammered the door down, and we went in and…


Wizard guy and some others and arbelists
We focused the wizard guy down pretty quick, the arbelists were much less deadly once some people were in melee range of them.


125 gold 312 silver

Some mundane things like cards and such

Beer dwarf rations mundane weapons

60g worth of residuum in a leather bag with stars on it

Found a bedroom/office belonged to wizrar

+5 platinum pieces 20 gold 60 silver

book written in some language

40g worth of residuum

Robes shoes

Find a fist sized crystal ball (eventually) 1 way crystal ball used for communicating with 1 specific other crystal ball.

Weapon oil

OBJECT READING RITUAL -25g worth of components!
See The Captain/whatever giant duergar using the crystal orb, he says Gendar and then talking to someone on the crystal ball about things. Gendar then talks back.Both in Duergar, they are talking about murklmar? The leader of the Horned Hall. Gendar sighs and ‘whatd he do now’

Thaele says, “The command word is the name of the guy who sent us after the skull thing”

Kraden (after failing an int save) goes, “who, Gendar?” and the orb lights up and with a picture of Gendar in it.
He looks exasperated. He says something like “what now Rundar? What is Murklemor doing to you now.” Then stops and says in common, “Ohh I dont think things are going good for him right now. I guess you guys are doing WELL there are you? I guess I’ll have to get a new spy. I take it you’re doing welll at the Horned Hold?” Beril says something about the arbalests, “I got some good money for those”

“I bribed someone to give me occasional inside information, but mostly got information about Murklemor. I’m pretty sure you’d know if you ran into him. He doesnt usually leave. Hes the big guy in charge. Not aware of any slaves they got recently. Not concerned about slaves they get unless I am interested in one. "

We end the conversation and continue on.

Beril listens at a door, heres gutteral language (giant?) and one is very loud and very deep. Laughing every so often

GO IN SURPRISE ROUND PEWPEW One orc dies, 3 left.

Thaele cast SLEEP on the ogre!

Beril walked up to the ogre to attack it _

Ogres name is Gorgo?

Ogre fell asleep! Beril did like 65 damage total to the ogre! It died pretty easily after that.


Lots of beer!
Open can of ham (gross)

50g gem X 4
Big stone cup
Trunks and boots and the like.
60g pieces 70 silver pieces

Ogre tooth!

Heard through a door “Look durkle, it doesnt like me!”
something about it needs to learn respect. Possibly torture going on D:

Burst into another room!
Murklurmor! and his guards! At least one is a lady mage

Duergar dressed in chainmail. Murkle has a massive hammer!

Killed the mage after she only got 1 attack off

KILLED HIM DEAD with magic missile


Magic Maul 2h +2 flaming maul →Adal

Wizard had nooothiiiing.

Total of 43 gold 42 silver

Beril came back from AFK just in tim eot loot and open a lockbox and FAILS even with a roll of (total) 20

Thaele thinks to look for a key. Finds one, it opens the box easily.


261 gold pieces
Onyx demon idol with ruby eyes 250gp
+2 amulet of elegy to thaele :D

Murkles Tooth!

Next room.

Spine Devils! Resist 20 to fire D=
They are known to fire spines which are apparently poisonous they cause fire damage as well

Charge in.

Beril drank 2 potions during the fight.

RIDICULOUS MAGE that has all kinds of health and ac! Finally died.

Thaele got a couple kills in with magic missile, pewpewpew.

Adal keeps getting debuffs, poison and such

Devils/demons/whatever are gonna fly off once they are bloodied D:

Fight still going on as we come to…




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