Interactions with the natives of the Nentir Vale

Session IX?: Into the Horned Hold

Orcs are very suspicious of wandering merchants

Unrelated note: Red Eye Gang is a group of Bugbears

Travel through a path, then we see a chasm, with bridges across it leading to a Fortress!

Looks like Orcs are guarding a portcullis that is blocking our way.

Cant even see the bottom of the chasm.

Zorjub invis scouts ahead. Several Orcs in the room, some sitting at a table

Beril got a nat 20 bluff but the orcs didnt care because of his particular lies, something about being a Merchant with no guards who had a cart full of meat and wine. No pillaging! Very disciplined or very lazy. They saw Adal as he walked up insulting them and opened the gate!


Beril wants a magic tomato that he could throw at things.

Orcs DIE Thaele was virtually useless.

Loot the orcs: Altogether 53 gold 63 silver on them. Good dwarven beer kegs!

Armory! 3 suits of scale, 3 suits of chain mail, some weapon racks

5 crossbows 10 spears 10 battleaxes 5 shortswords a large barrel filled with crossbow bolts

hear hammering from another door as though it were a smith

Room to the south is a barracks, more mundane stuff, armor polish and the like.

43gold 1 platinum in south room

Pool of nice clean water to the north.

Went west, found the smithy.


Many orcs and duergar.

MANY THINGS came out. RETREAT slightly into a better position.
Orcs and Duergar dwarves. One is a wizard! And a bastard wizard at that. He cast a zone spell and moved it around and it sucked.

Very nearly died! SO MANY THINGS tough fight

Dungeoneering: Duergar scouts. They turn invisible!


Hanging on the wall over the bed is the SKULL SCEPTER for GENDAR

+206 silver 196 gold Weapons wracks: 10 warhammers 10 halberds

+75g worth of residuum

78 gold from orcsies 2 platinum from wizard 83 silver

Found under a fireplace, loose stone! Adal found it.

Small bag that has 93 silver 13 gold pieces and 4 small emeralds worth 10gp each

More Ale, several barrels worth

Plain iron rods? 4 feet across 2 inches thick, in one barrel.

Adal notices that it looks like a storage room doesnt look like people go in it very often. The door pushed open thick dust on the floor. In the room was canned goods, wheels of cheese, more ale, barrel of salt. MANY canned goods of various shapes and sizes, marked in Durogar

Adal found 56 gold in another room and 20 silver

Beril inspected rooms found one that seemed like we should go through, gonna try to clear things out.


Caldur and Besser, some others somewhere

-1 spike, hammered door shut


There were quite a few Duergar, the fight went on for quite a while, and the leader of them became giant once he became bloodied.


Tooth from dwarf leader, tooth from wizard dwarf man

lvl 3 magic Hammer from big guy worth 680

Altogether with all Duerogar, 68 gold 83 silver

After the fight we spent time arguing about what to do next, whether to sleep here or leave, what to do with the slaves, etc. Several people wanted to KILL THEM but Thaele refused to allow it, so they stayed locked in the room. Also the VOICE OF GOD said that if they killed the slaves, they would drop dead. So there is that.

In the end they decided to barricade the doors. They heavily barricaded the right one, and Thaele cast a magic circle on the left one which would stop all natural creatures from entering.

And so they all went to sleep for the night, with Thaele trancing out in front of the door to the room the slaves were kept in.



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